Nigerian regime fail to comply with court order to release Shaykh Zakzaky

On 2 December 2016, the Federal High Court in Abuja ruled that Shaykh Zakzaky and His wife Zeenat should be released within 45 days.  Activists around the world continued to peacefully protest in order to ensure that the Government would comply to the orders of the court and acknowledge the injustice perpetrated will never be forgotten. The court described their detention, which began in December 2015, as illegal and unconstitutional. The deadline for the court order expired today, and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria remain appalled by the lack of cooperation from the Nigerian government.

Human Rights advocacy groups and organizations including Amnesty International expressed their deep concerns regarding the treatment of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, many activists have taken to social media to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that the Nigerian Army is thoroughly investigated for slaughtering hundreds of innocent civilians since the Zaria massacre in December 2015. Amnesty International mentioned in their report: “Mass slaughter of hundreds of men, women and children by soldiers in Zaria and the attempted cover-up of this crime demonstrates an utter contempt for human life and accountability.”

The Islamic Human Rights Commission in London have urged activists to partake in the Emergency Vigil for Shaykh Zakzaky and to contact all the emergency numbers at the Nigerian embassy or High Commission and demand for the immediate release of Zakzaky.

Furthermore, a Twitter storm will kick off today at 7:00pm (Ldn), social media users have been requested to use the hashtag #FreedomForZakzaky in order to raise maximum awareness on the media platform, and to ensure that the Government of Nigeria realise that the world is very much aware of the atrocities being committed in their country, and the unlawful detention of Zakzaky will not be tolerated.

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