O scattered winds take me with you….

O scattered winds take me with you

As you go to visit her grave

Free me from the chains of this world

So I can be that flowers slave

When her grief is poured into day

The burden turns it into night

But when poured into my dark heart

It turns my soul back to light

Love for you, my noble lady

Is love that is most sacred

The cursed and evil ones that hate

Carry the worst of hatred

Even when I hear your praise

Tears come running to my eyes

Did they not know, could they not see,

Did they not hear your painful cries?

No one can ever understand

The pain that ripped you apart

But there are some painful questions

That keep coming in our heart

Through the broken ribs and bruises

Through all the burden of the pain

Where did you find the energy

To shout out your lovers name

As you lay unconscious lady

Drowned in stinging tears and blood

The ground swallowed itself in shame

The sky crashed with a deafening thud

No crime like such had been seen before

The heavens turned black in grief

The sanctity of a house destroyed

Humanity left in disbelief

Existence was fed from this house

Sustenance of sound and light

Love and hope were all given here

From here freedom took its flight

Back to the burnt and broken house

My broken lady stands up in pain

Calling out for someone to help

She calls out beloved Fizza’s name

Where have they taken my master

My lady asks her loyal friend

They dragged him towards the mosque

This should have been the end

But this was no normal lady

This was a warrior of Allah

With one hand on her ribs she walked

Reminding all she is Zahra

A city so quite with roads so tight

With no friends she kept on going

With all her strength with all her might

Too save Islam she kept going.

May I be sacrificed my lady

For that trail of your pure blood

That starts from your holy door

To the mosque, turning sand to mud

Did you have an aid to help you walk?

Did you have a friend to help you?

How did you reach your master lady?

Whose hand came to assist you?

Because history paints a darker picture

No one replied to your question

When asked for those who claim to love

The silent sided with oppression

With broken ribs and bruised arms

You grabbed onto Ali’s (as) cloak

This is where you took your final stand

Where all hope in humanity broke

The enemy struggled to pull him back

But you held onto Wilayat so tight

Even though you were shattered and one

Even though they used all their might

Then the unthinkable happened

The final order was barked out

Defenceless my ageing lady

She was the target marked out

Was the door and nail not enough?

Was a lady’s sanctity not precious?

Had not enough been done that day?

They had been rendered faithless

The order came to strike a blow

That would finish off the struggle

The whip came down, the arms turned blue

The flame blown of this candle

The body lay still on the cold floor

The black covering, covered in dust

Who came to help Fatima that day?

No one came to win her trust.


Written by: S. M. A. J.

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