AIM Statement: Salafi attack on gravesite of Islamic figure is outrageous and the epitome of inhumanity


The statement released by AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) on the heinous attack on the shrine of the distinguished companion of the Prophet, Hijr ibn Adi (ra) in Adra, Syria.
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful
To Allah we belong and verily unto Him is our return.
So be patient. The outcome will be in favour of the Godwary.” [Holy Quran, 11:49]
It is with sadness that the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) issues this statement lamenting the recent attacks on the shrine and gravesite of a distinguished companion of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).
On Sunday 28th April 2013, extremists from the Free Syrian Army, adhering to the Salafi ideology, attacked the shrine of a distinguished companion of the Holy Prophet (saw) by the name of Hijr ibn Adi (ra), situated in Adra, a village north of Damascus. During this attack, the shrine was demolished and his grave unearthed in an attempt to exhume the body.
In light of this development, the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission would like to bring to your attention that such horrific actions are not the first of their kind and evoke bitter memories of similar attacks by Salafists against sacred sites in other parts of the Muslim world, including Iraq and Libya.
These groups, inspired by their extremist ideology, are financed from neighbouring countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar and receive various forms of support from Western countries with a vested interest in the region.
We have witnessed heart-wrenching images of the cold-blooded murder of innocents in markets and mosques perpetrated by these extremists, and the repeated violations against the sanctity of Muslims in their lives, honour and most sacred symbols.
We believe that such attacks are clearly aimed to provoke sectarianism and pit Muslims against each other, in order to turn the Muslim world into a raging battleground between Sunnis and Shias.
In accordance with the edicts of the religious authorities, AIM stresses that the greatest weapon in the hands of the Ummah is our unity and collective spirit.
In light of this AIM would like to emphasis the following:

  • The necessity to remain clear-sighted during these turbulent times, remain vigilant and act with a deep sense of responsibility towards the Ummah.
  • The necessity to work with sincerity in strengthening the bonds that unite us as Muslims and acknowledge the hidden hands that wish to separate us.
  • The necessity to collectively descend to the arenas of action and organise our affairs such that we foil the evil plots to divide and suppress us.

It is with this deep sense of responsibility that the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) calls upon Muslims of all denominations to work hand-in-hand to oust this extremism that has plagued our Ummah and to defend the sanctity of this Ummah by honouring all that is sacrosanct.
In the end, we renew our loyalty and convey our salutations to the pure soul of Hijr ibn Adi (ra)—the devout worshiper and unwavering warrior of truth and justice, who stood forthright until his final breath, leaving a memory that can never be erased from the heart of this Ummah.
Wa Min Allah Al-Tawfiq.
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission
4th May 2013

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