Seminar: Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – Between Understanding & Distortion

 On Sunday 8th April 2007, a seminar took place entitled 'The Prophet Muhammad: Between Understanding & Distortion. This seminar sought to engage in the on-going discussion about the personality and mission of the final apostle, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in light of the ongoing campaign to distort his image from Muslim and non-Muslim circles. Speakers included Hujjat Al-Islam Al-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Musawi (Chairman of the World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League), Sheikh Mahmood Abdulla (Lecturer, author and activist in Islamic Affairs), and Reza Kazim (Spokesman from the Islamic Human Rights Commission).

MP3 Audio:

Sheikh Mahmood Abdullah – The Distortion Campaigns against the Prophet of
Islam [listen/download]

Br. Reza Kazim – Our Duties Towards the Prophet of Islam [listen/download]

Sayyid Mohammed Al-Musawi – The Message & the Messenger


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