Statement on US Sanctions being placed on Holy Shrine of Imam Ridha (as)

The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) is appalled and condemns the recent US regime’s move to place the Holy Shrine of Imam Ridha (as), Astan Quds Razavi, to its list for sanctions. 

This is a place of huge religious and cultural significance, and is a major place of Islamic heritage, housing the burial site of Imam Ali ibn Musa Al-Ridha (as), the 8th infallible Imam and inheritor of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). 

It is a site visited by millions of Muslim worshippers every year who seek proximity to Allah (swt) and renew their allegiance to the Ahlulbayt (as).

We therefore consider this move as a dire change from political norms and a direct attack of the sanctities of the religion of Islam. This only goes to show how despotic, delusional and desperate the US regime has become in its imperial ambitions. 

We remind them of the wise words of Lady Zainab (as) who when facing the tyrant of her time said: 

“By God you would never be able to remove our remembrance from the hearts of the believers, nor would you ever be able to destroy our revelations; nor will you ever reach our splendour and majesty; you would never be able to wash this ugly spot of tyranny from your dress; your opinions and policies are invalid and unstable and the duration of your rein is very short, and very soon your assembly would be scattered. On that day when the heavenly crier would announce: ‘Praise be upon the Lord of the Worlds, who made our beginning with prosperity and salvation, and who made our end with martyrdom and blessings.’”

Peace be upon those who follow Divine Guidance.

Wa Min Allah Al-Tawfiq.

Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission

18th January 2021

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