Tears of Repentance



My existence is empty and full of regress.

Darkness surrounds me I lay in distress

A chill shivers up my lifeless bones

Painless I am tortured, my body moans

Running out of breath, and in despair

I take a deep breath but feel no air,

I feel a darkness inside and exhale,

I thought I was strong but now I am frail

My body moves empty, no sign of a soul

Restless and weeping, with no control

This dying soul cries loud of oppression

Making me lifeless, with no expression

Doubts flood into mask the way I think

My thoughts going wild, I begin to shrink

I control nothing I am no longer free

I stand for nothing, everything controls me.

Losing you O Allah is the biggest fall,

Who without you can stand at all?

A fall so deep that you cannot rise

If one loses you, his existence dies

These bones and skin they do remain

But the heart is where you feel the pain

And that is when it struck me deep

Husayn your words woke me from my sleep


O Allah, what did he find who lost you,

And what did he loose who found you.


A revolution sharply begins to rise

Tears of repentance reach my eyes

Looking down in humility I begin to cry

Trembling my hopeful hands go high

My broken body falls into prostration

Submissively I beg, with desperation

With the earth on my face I can feel once more

I feel a warmth which I could not before

I once again feel the beating of my heart

I lose the binding darkness with this new start.

The message of my master has rung so clear

Before I was weak, now only Allah I fear,

King of martyrs your words were my light

Now I see guidance, they gave me sight

May my blood and my tears be for you

For now your name is what gets me through

Whenever I am down, surrounded by pains

Your words give me life and break my chains

They gave my life meaning and helped me to gain

So my life is at your service, now I wait O Husayn…..


Poem composed by: Syed Mohsin Ali Jafri

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