Messages of Support

AIM prides itself on building healthy relationships with scholars, community leaders and notable personalities in order to better serve the community. Below are testimonials from some of them:

“The blessed group AIM are on the true Islamic path and we encourage them and consider them the most righteous, steadfast and weighty. They are the best example of following the true Islam and confronting extremism from one side and liberalism from another side.

There is no doubt that the journey that you embark on is that of the Almighty God and love of Him. Whomsoever embarks on the journey of love and compassion in God will be inflicted with tribulations and suffering on the way and must be patient. The sign of love for God is patience in His way. Every sting of pain that you feel on this path is as if it is another stride towards Almighty God and nearness to Him. The love and compassion for God cannot settle unless the heart is able to turn this pain for Almighty God into a pleasure for His sake.”

Ayatollah Mohsin Araki (Iran)
Head of the World Forum for Proximity between Islamic Schools of Thought
Former UK Representative of Ayatollah Khamenei
Founder of the Islamic Centre of England

“AIM is an exceptional organisation catering for Muslims in the West. Its dedication and service to the English speaking Muslim community is admirable. I pray for their success and ask Allah to give them support to continue in their endeavours.”

Shaykh Abdul Hussain Moezi (Iran)
Representative of Ayatollah Khamenei to the Red Crescent
Former UK Representative of Ayatollah Khamenei
Former Director of Islamic Centre of England

“I am glad to see the increasing activities of AIM being a platform for our Muslim community who are following Ahlulbayt (as). AIM programmes are particularly useful in spreading Islamic knowledge among the young generation. I hope that more young Muslims will be benefited from AIM activities, not only in London, but also in other areas in the United Kingdom. I pray to Allah (swt) to grant the team of AIM, and all who co-operate in Islamic activities, more strength and success under the light and guidance of Imam Al-Mahdi (atf).”

Sayyid Mohammad Al-Musawi (UK)
Chairman of the World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL)

“The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) is considered one of the most active groups conducting Islamic cultural and educational activities amongst youth in Britain.

One of the most important aspects that makes this movement stand out is their clear adherence to the line of Wilayat Al-Faqih and not compromising their Islamic principles and values.

I pray for this organisation and it’s leadership to achieve success.”

Shaykh Hassan Ali Al-Taraiki (UK)
Imam of Friday and Congregational Prayers, Dar Al-Islam, London

“AIM is an organisation that I found based on the values of the Pure Muhammadan Islam.

It’s an organisation standing for the Quranic Social Justice phenomenon.

It believes in the concept of justice for all humankind, raising the voice over the injustices and oppressions for all “Mustad’afeen” (oppressed) based on how Al-Imam Al-Raahil (Imam Khomeini) revived this Quraanic term, and also providing positive services for the community.

As far as I have known these brothers and sisters, I found them involved in promoting truthful viewpoints.

They offer some much needed services, especially for our youth in the West, in order to maintain the Islamic identity without compromising on their values. They promote the idea of becoming “Awaiters” of Imam Waleyy ul-‘Asr (as), and becoming a constructive part of the fabric of the society.

All of this is because they are working under Saalih (righteous) leadership.

I pray Allah increases in their taufeeq ul-khayr for doing all the noble work that He loves.

Waffaqahumullahu lima yuhibbu wa yardha.”

Sayyid Abbas Ayleya (USA)
Muslim Congress

“I believe that AIM is a good example of where Islamic organisations need to be heading. I think there are several lessons that can be learnt from the way that AIM is performing its duty. AIM prioritises responsibility before what is deemed popular. It is also an organisation that thinks before it acts and is always conscious of consulting with Ulama to make sure their plans are in line with Shariah. One thing that stands out to an outside observer is the quality and professionalism of programs organised by AIM.

We must not lose sight of the goal which is to call others to Allah (swt), and not ourselves. It is impressive to see this strength and balance in AIM. May Allah grant the brothers and sisters involved in AIM strength and ever increasing success! May He help them so that outward activism does not distract them from performing their other duties and especially self-building and constantly seeing themselves as being in the presence of the Invincible and Merciful Lord! May He grant them sincerity; so that this hard work is something they are rewarded for in this world and the next!”

Shaykh Usama Abdulghani (USA)
Islamic Scholar from Hawza Ilmiyya of Qom

“AIM provides an essential service to the Muslim community in that it is resolute in adhering to and promoting the true teachings of Islam.

It plays a particularly important role in engaging our youth at a time when they face numerous challenges from the society in which we live.

I pray for AIM’s continued success and may it go from strength to strength in its activities in helping to inform, guide and assist the community.”

Dr. Kate Godfrey-Faussett (UK)

“The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission is an organisation that is striving to promote the true version of Islam to the young generation in the West. We pray that Allah (swt) gives them success and prosperity to follow the path of Ahlulbayt (as) in order to form a community of true believers who can stand for the truth and can support Imam Mahdi (atf).”

Shaykh Ghulam Hurr Shabbiri (Ireland)
Muslim Congress
Resident Alim in Dublin

“Thank you to all the AIM volunteers for inviting me to deliver a set of lectures in Muharram, 1440 AH. You were very hospitable and I am grateful to Allah for the experience. I admire your long-standing commitment to provide a space for mourning the tragedy of Ashura in the English language in a manner that attracts lovers of the Ahlul Bayt from a variety of different backgrounds. May Allah reward you for seeking to understand and uphold the true message behind the sacrifice of the Chief of Martyrs, Imam al-Husayn (peace be upon him and his family), and grant you sincerity and success in all your endeavours.”

Shaykh Salim Yusufali (Canada)
Wali Asr Schools

“AIM is an excellent organisation working for the betterment of Muslims and non-Muslims. It is an important organisation with many achievements and a strong following. It has great potential for the future. I fully support AIM’s efforts and pray for their success.”

Sayyid Mohammed Razawi (UK)
Director of S.I. Education Society
Former Head of Family Office at the Islamic Centre of England

“In a world that is becoming more confusing by the day, finding a clear picture of the truth is becoming increasingly difficult.  Even amongst Muslims it is difficult to find the true teachings of the Holy Prophet and his progeny (may Allah bless them all) amongst all the different versions.  By the grace of God, AIM has been striving towards finding and continuously following the truth and providing the guidance for others as well.  May God keep us all on His path. ”

Shaykh Hamza Sodagar (USA)
Islamic Scholar from Hawza Ilmiyya of Qom

“AIM is an exceptional group of dedicated individuals who stand up for the truth and against oppression. They follow the line of the Ahlulbayt (as) in speaking out against injustices and are actively working to establish a more just world. AIM plays a galvanising role for young people in the UK, attracting, organising and informing Muslims of what is right, not what is easier. May Allah (swt) continue to bless and guide those who make up AIM and may He continue to give the faith and strength necessary for this group to remain on the right path and to continue to speak and expose the truth.”

Sister Marzieh Hashemi (USA)
Journalist and News Anchor

“For many years, the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission has been one of the leading Muslim organisations in the UK. The range of programmes; including conferences, seminars and courses as well other popular services such as its website has benefited the young and the old. The dedication, commitment and determination to disseminate the beautiful teachings of Islam taught by the Glorious Household of the Prophet (saw) have been the source of inspiration for many. The sacrifice and resolve shown by AIM’s volunteers is reflected in the well-organised programmes and activities, and their efforts are certainly commendable. May Allah (swt) grant the AIM team success and reward them for their hard work. May He grant the organisation tawfeeq to continue and grow stronger in propagating the peaceful message of Islam, as derived from the Holy Quran and the pure household.”

Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli (UK)
Islamic Lecturer
Head of Noor Trust

“AIM, by the grace of Allah (swt), has taken up one of the most pressing challenges of our time, which is to impart accurate knowledge relating to Islam within the West. It can be seen from the activities AIM has engaged in that it as an organisation is aware and conscious of its responsibilities. From the holding of seminars to the distribution of educational material, relating to either the great personalities of Islam or Islamic history, AIM has been able to galvanise and engage with a vast wide and varied range of Muslims and non Muslims alike. It has proven that where actions are performed out of sincerity and a willingness to serve, Allah willing anything is possible. May Allah (swt) give AIM continued blessings, and may the Imam of our age (as) continue to give his guidance.”

Dr. Shaykh Mohammad Zakaria (UK)
Head of Inspire Project
Lecturer at the Islamic College

“As one of the only resistant, firm and revolutionary organisations in the UK, AIM has always been a beacon of hope for me. The brothers and sisters who help with the youth camps, the seminars, lectures and other beautiful Islamic activities – God bless them all and may Allah give them more tawfeeq to carry out what will please Allah with unity, dignity and piety.”

Muzaffer Hyder (UK)
Islamic Pulse

“Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission is one of the few organisations in the West working to inspire Muslims through the legacy of Imam Ruhullah Khomeini and those coming after him who have struggled to revive the dignity of the followers of the prophetic path.  Through seminars, conferences and educational programmes, AIM brings together Muslims of all generations, seeking to meet the needs of the community and forging a new path for a dynamic Islam which is developing in Britain today.”

Dr. Rebecca Masterton (UK)
Lecturer at the Islamic College
TV Presenter on Ahlulbayt TV

“AIM is a young, energetic, enthusiastic, sincere, organised, on track, encompassing, consulting, contemplating, educated, elite, who are our hope and future. They should be grasped by the youth and supported by the old.”

Saeed Sotoudeh (UK)
Muslim Family Consultant

“AIM are a highly principled and professional Muslim organisation which delivers an important range of spiritual educational activities and events throughout the year in Britain. Their weekly events are a fantastic contemporary model of Muslim socio political spiritual and cultural engagement. Their traditional commemorative events in honour of the Holy Ahlulbayt are great spaces for a youth led expression of Islamic traditions in a contemporary style too.

Their fundraising for good causes in Yemen and Nigeria are particularly commendable as is their positive use of social media and online tools for the propagation of Islam.

In the quest to develop an authentic, holistic and relevant Muslim community space in London AIM are among the best initiatives out there.”

Syed Mohsin Abbas (UK)
Co-Founder of the IMCD Think Tank
Broadcast Journalist and Political Analyst


“AIM is a good example of a home grown grass-root Muslim organisation providing a valuable service for the spiritual and religious needs of our community.”

Amir De Martino (UK)
Editor of Islam Today Magazine

“Since this little student of the Hawza became familiar with the beautiful work of the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission and the true Islamic values that they represent, I have admired their courage to combat extremism, whether amongst naive Muslims or corrupt governments.

They have managed to take a responsibility many wouldn’t have the patience, endurance or strength to handle, but as God promised, He will help those who help His cause, which AIM indeed does in a beautiful manner.

May Allah (swt) give you success with whatever He loves and is pleased with.”

Shaykh Mohammad Khani (Denmark)
Lecturer at Imam Ali (as) Moske, Copenhagen

“The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission is a great multi-cultural group who provide quality Islamic programs for the Shia community in the UK. They have inspired me and should be considered a source of inspiration for all who want to serve Islam. I pray that they are successful in all of their endeavours.”

Shaykh Hamid Waqar (Australia)
Islamic Lecturer

“AIM is really awesome. It is one of the most outstanding Islamic organisations. Even before I moved to the UK, I had heard of them. I have been particularly impressed by their seminars, which address real issues in a forward-thinking way without sacrificing authenticity of religious discourse. Plus, despite the ethnic segregation in the Muslim community, they always attract a multicultural and multilingual audience. The events regularly attract packed audiences – as do the artistic programmes, such as the Hijab Exhibition and the theatrical productions. The website is extremely professional and is an excellent source of Islamic knowledge. Great job!”

Dr. Amina Inloes (UK)
Lecturer at the Islamic College

“The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission is an important grass-root organisation doing some outstanding work in the community. Amongst the many activities that stand out are their tabligh projects in Universities and Colleges, where thousands of books and leaflets have been distributed. I wish them every success.”

Shaykh Abbas Ismail (UK)
Islamic Education Board of the World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna Ashari Muslims