“The Dispatch” falsely links AIM to Ahlulbayt World Assembly

It has come to our attention that “The Dispatch”, a American conservative online magazine, has falsely claimed in an article written earlier this month that AIM is “considered the British arm of the Iran-based Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, which counts the secretary-general of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, himself a U.S.-sanctioned terrorist, as a member of its Supreme Council.”

This is a deliberate and malicious attempt to target AIM and link it to foreign entities which are subject to political and media scrutiny.

AIM has never been affiliated with an organisation called the “Ahlulbayt World Assembly”. It is not a branch of this organisation, it is not even a member. These claims are absolutely false.

These are desperate attempts made by politically motivated lobbies and interest groups to try to structurally connect us with those who are at odds with Western foreign policy in order to stifle and silence voices of Muslims in Britain and to marginalise their rights.

AIM will be pursuing legal routes to tackle this misinformation that is being maliciously spread.

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