Those three mystical letters

Those three mystical letters, mystify and hypnotize
Ain – Lam – Yaa or A – L – I, they never fail to surprise
Its narrated just the mention of his name is blessed
What undying secrets had these three letters possessed
Yes, undying he was, he is and will always remain
Even his death brought him life, the way he was slain
For a martyr always lives, from decease he is free
Struck whilst in prostration, what great status was he?
What status would the father of the master of martyrs be?
The father of the leaders of the youth in paradise
The husband of the noblest of ladies in Gods eyes
The inheritor of the Prophet, his sword and his shield
His trust, his lover, his protector on the battle field
The rightful inheritor, the truthful successor
The strongest weapon against any oppressor
Yes, undying he was, he is and will always remain
The scale of good and bad, even heaven is his domain
For his love is a condition, for even a glimpse of paradise
For the Prophets family is the condition to Allah, the Wise
And lest we forget whilst the city of knowledge is the Prophet
It is through Ali, the gate, from that light we can profit
If we wish for the attention of the mercy for all of mankind
How can we expect to leave his most beloved lover behind
And what of the lovers of the Prophets most beloved friend
The Prophet has said through the burdensome day at the end
Those who love Ali will be at ease, at peace and in tranquility
For those who love Ali, love me and please Allah in reality
In the harshness of darkness, in the depth of the cruelest night
His lovers faces will shine like the moon, beautified and bright
They stood by the Prophet as his closest companions in his life
They battled and fought with him through every turn and strife
And at home, in the lonely city of Medina, only a few had remained
But the quality is that which mattered, their love was unchained
At the worst of battles they stood firm in front of sedition
For every breath they took, they breathed with Ali’s permission
His flag marched to Kerbela, they were the champions of Hussain
Ali was still alive, manifested in the hearts of the slain
Yes, undying he was, he is and will always remain
Even now, surrounded by storms, his servants fly his campaign
Even now, in this dark world, the candles are lit by the best of them
They fight evil where they find it, every oppressor they condemn
They fight from the hills in the south of the land of the cedar tree
Whilst from their mouth, and on their lips, their dhikr remains Ali
They remind the evil delinquents of Khyber again and again
Distinguishing themselves as lovers of Hyder again and again
They fly the flag of Islam from the high mountains of Khurasaan
They die, struggle, and spread his blessed name, in the name of Islam
They protect the abode of his blessed daughter Zainab in Shaam
As darkness and evil surrounds them, they remain steady and calm
And the scent of the loneliness of Ali and Fatima rises from Bahrain
A people surrounded and suppressed, no one left to feel their pain
Najaf and Qum, they are the humming birds of these holy cities
They are the blood and life pumping through these holy seminaries
Ali lived in the hearts of the blessed scholars that were killed
Their only crime was his blessed love that their hearts had filled
And yes, if they were criminals, than take us away too
This is one crime we will plead guilty for, any day too
His love prevails in the scattered tulips on the different battlefields
Khuramshahr, Shalamcheh and others, where they had become shields
They scatter across the quiet roads and green valleys of Parachinar
Like flowers adorning gardens, their fragrance sensed from afar
Yes, undying he was, he is and will always remain
Ghadeer to the return, this is our unbreakable chain
And what a day it will be when the love of Zahra returns
The inheritor of the Quran, the bible and the torah returns
The inheritor of the Zulfiqar, the lion of Allah returns
When the final seal of the box of Pandora returns
Ghadeer is Wilayah, and wilayah is the essence of justice
So with the heir of Ghadeer we will see the presence of justice
Completing Ghadeer, he shall be the luminescence of justice
The final decreed, he will be the pleasance of justice
Mountains will crumble, dictators swallowed in sands
Waves will rise up and plummet and destroy all their lands
All will be as a result of Ghadeer and that magnificent stand
When the Prophet held on to and raised Ali’s hand
Ghadeer to the return, this is our unbreakable chain,
Yes, undying he was, he is and will always remain.
Written by: S. M. A. J.

© 2022 - Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM)