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AIM Tours will be taking a group to the Ziyarat of Arba’een in Iraq. We are offering a great opportunity to visit the shrines of Imam Ali (as),  Imam Hussain (as), Hadrat Abdul Fadl Al-Abbas (as), Imam Kadhim (as) and Imam Jawad (as); in addition to Masjid Al-Kufa and Masjid Al-Sahla. This group will be suitable for adults and families, and the predominant language spoken will be English.

Approximate Dates: Sunday 13th November – Saturday 26th November 2016

Visiting: Najaf, Karbala and Kadhimiyya

Full package:
Adult – £1495
Under 12 years old – £1195
Under 6 years old – £1095
Under 2 years old – £695
– All inclusive price from the UK which includes flights, Visa, accommodation, internal transport and 2 meals a day.

Ground package:
Adult – £995 (or $1395 for non-UK)
Under 12 years old – £850 (or $1150 for non-UK)
Under 6 years old – £750 (or $1050 for non-UK)
Under 2 years old – £500 (or $670 for non-UK)
– Which includes accommodation, internal transport and 2 meals a day.

Deadline for registration is 15th October 2016.


Please note:

  1. Accommodation in Najaf will be in a hotel, whereas in Karbala accommodation will be in houses that will be solely for our use with shared rooms and sleeping will be on mattresses.
  2. As you are aware, the security situation in Iraq is of concern and there have been unfortunate incidents of terrorism targeting pilgrims in Iraq. As such we ask you to take full precautions and be vigilant at all times. AIM Tours does not hold any liability for your safety but will do its utmost to create suitable conditions to the best of its ability.


For more information call us on 07921710810