Update: Clarification on Voting in UK General Elections

We have been asked many times in the last few days about our rationale for asking people to vote in the upcoming UK General Elections in a previous statement.

Below is a clarification on voting in the General Elections this Thursday:

In His Name, the Most High,

Muslims in Britain are facing dangerous times ahead whereby our identity, welfare and security are under significant threat. The rising levels of Islamophobia in Britain and the hostile imperial ambitions of the government highlight a dangerous trajectory that must not be taken lightly.

Bearing this in mind and upon understanding the jurisprudential verdicts of our righteous scholars, particularly that of Ayatollah Khamenei, we believe it is necessary to vote in the elections in order to bring a Corbyn led government to power this coming Thursday.

This is not because Corbyn exemplifies the lofty ideals of Islam, on the contrary some of his policies we completely disagree with, nor does it mean an acceptance of the Establishment and the status-quo, rather it is a position that comes from a place of desperation and necessity. It is to slow down the harm being inflicted on our communities and society. A vote for a Corbyn led government is a vote to put a dent in the Establishment that seeks to marginalise Muslims and exploit the oppressed. Not voting for a Corbyn led government would mean strengthening the mandate of Boris Johnson’s Tory government that would further harm Muslims in Britain and the oppressed in general.

There should be no illusions that when taking this position, we do not believe that a Corbyn led government will represent our lofty goals, nor does it whitewash the previous record of the Labour party, however, it is a conscious decision to change the harmful policies that are having a detrimental impact on our communities in Britain and the barbaric imperial policies that are targeting the security of other nations.

We believe Corbyn as Prime Minister would have a better chance of making the necessary changes to slow down the dangerous trajectory of the Establishment and bring an alternative to the table, and it is on this basis that we believe it is necessary to support such a person who has a lifelong legacy of standing for the oppressed.

Wasalaamu Alaikum

Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission
10th December 2019

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