Sheikh Abdullah who was killed during the attack.

Wahhabi Attack on Shia Mosque in Belgium

In His Name the Most High

We are from Allah and to Him do we Return.

Sheikh Abdullah who was killed during the attack.


AIM condemns the savage attack against the Shia Muslim centre in Belgium that resulted in the tragic demise of Sheikh Abdullah who was the resident Imam at the centre.


These acts of violence that are encouraged and inspired by the Wahhabi Saudi establishment are grossly against the spirit of Islamic teachings and represent a substantial threat to Muslim harmony.


AIM warns that there is a likelihood of a rise in such crimes against the Shia community in the West so long as the Wahhabi Saudi establishment continues to hold strong ties with Western governments.


May Allah bless the late scholar who attained martyrdom and All praise is to Allah, lord of the Worlds.


AhlulBayt Islamic Mission

16th March 2012

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  1. Fajrudeen m yusuf

    Salam. May Allah ta’ala have mercy on d soul of sheikh abdullah accept his shahadah, ya Allah hasten d re-apperance of imam(af) n punish wahhabist n thr god. May keep protecting islamic iran

  2. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
    Asalaamu Alaikum!
    All the believers of the world are informed through the site regarding the sad event of demolishing the Imam Bargh in such a way that is not available in the history of the humanity. You are kindly requested to spread this message to all the people you are in touch with.
    Imam Bargh QasareHussain

  3. The battle of Karbla has not stopped. Right and wrong are still fighting as the Right is alongside Moula Husain A.S and wrong is the path of vicious Yazeed. Those who are assasinated in love of Moula Husain A.S are His supporter and Martyrs who attains eternal life. Shiekh Abdullah is one of those martyrs, who laid his life for the sake of his allegiance to Progeny of Mohammad S.A.W.W.
    Malik Mumtaz Awan,

  4. Name* tajamul hussain shah

    history is witmess that u shia are responsible for downfal of muslims, u actually r followers of a jew, those who abuse the companians and wives of prophet saw, there dunya and akhirat will be lost

  5. Aminu sale elzabson

    My Allah have mercy on him and all death muslim

  6. Saleem Malekzadeh

    As salamo alaikum

    The Wahabi extremist first of all are not muslims because they do not follow the holy Quran where it is said killing a human is like killing the whole humanity. These Wahabi extremists have no brains nor are educated. Illiteracy is the cause of their extremism. The are not on the right path from the beginning. They are heirs of Yazid so will follow Yazidism. Curse to Wahhabism and curse to its followers.

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