Where Are The Rajabiyyūn?

That heavenly breeze returns once more, carrying with it the fragrance of hope and love. Hardened hearts begin to open, as softened ones prepare to blossom with all their splendour. It is as if the curtain of the Heavenly Kingdom begins to slowly be parted, permitting the inhabitants of the earth to glimpse the realms of purity and light.

The call of ‘Ayna Rajabiyyūn’ echoes from the Throne of Glory, inviting the servants to the Banquet of the King. With humbled hearts and outstretched hands, they respond with their entire beings:

‘Oh One in Whom I hope for every goodness
And am safe from His anger at every evil!’

These nightly winds bring with them a different feeling; gently caressing the children of Ādam, with the love of a mother waking her child, they murmur:

‘Has the time not come for those who believe, that their hearts become humbled at the remembrance of Allāh…?’ (57:16)

The days too display a different brilliance, tempting man to capture each one through ‘patience’ and join the caravan of lovers that is congregating.

Yes, the month of Rajab has arrived at last, perfumed in the `Oud of the Immaculately Perfect. As a herald of the Banquet to come, bearing glad tidings of forgiveness and mercy, it enchants the people of Reason, inviting to a kingdom that lies beyond Reason. All are invited to this magnificent reception. The only etiquette is to arrive empty handed.

‘Oh people! You are those who stand in need of Allāh and Allāh – He is the Self Sufficient, the Laudable’ (35:15)

No hopelessness is permitted beyond this position. The garments of despair, dejection and despondence must now be removed… to be forever left behind. This door is the threshold of absolute glory… yet open to all, dutiful and loathsome.

The doors of the kings are guarded by soldiers,
But Your door is open to all who ask’

Every soul is to be given to the measure of it’s pitcher. And no vessel will be returned unfilled.

The aroma of Lailatul Qadr captivates the hearts of the midnight strangers, as the drafts of Sahar raise their lowered whispers. A year they have awaited the coming of that blessed hour – the night in which absolute light descended upon absolute light – to journey the distance of a thousand months in a single night. That Night is the Gem of this fortress and Rajab is it’s gate.

So ‘where are the Rajabiyyūn?’

The time has come to conclude decisively. The chance to realise your furthest dreams now knocks upon your door. The deepest wishes of your heart… are just a decision away. The heavens have now opened, anticipating your answer. This is the month of Rajab.

Thus ‘enter it in peace, safe and secure’ (15:46)

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