AIM statement on Woolwich attack: What we feared has happened

Shooting and stabbing in Woolwich

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) sends its condolences to the family of Drummer Lee Rigby; the victim who was horrifically murdered yesterday in Woolwich, London.

Although the details are still unclear, yesterday’s attack bears the classic hallmarks of sickening crimes committed by individuals and groups that adhere to an extremist and militant form of Salafist ideology. Recently, we saw horrific scenes of a Salafist ‘rebel’ mutilate the body of a Syrian soldier and chew into his organs—all the while posing before the camera to film his crimes. We also witnessed sectarian violence in London earlier this month when Salafis marched through Edgware Road and assaulted Muslims of another denomination.

In this respect, the Woolwich attack has confirmed our deepest fears that the extremism that has plagued some parts of the Muslim world can come to haunt the streets of London. This shocking and heartless murder emphasises once more the need to tackle the unresolved issues that are at the heart of the problem of extremism. Indeed the rise of extremist Salafist and Far-Right groups in Britain both present serious challenges to the security and social fabric of this nation.

In light of these difficult challenges, it is of utmost importance that we stress the importance of unity, solidarity and a strong sense of community spirit. We urge the media to act responsibly in their coverage and analysis—in this regard; we remind the media that such extremists specifically thrive on sensationalised coverage, since this provides them with psychological capital for their cataclysmic worldview.

We commend the police for how they have handled developments thus far. We are confident that they shall continue to restore the calm, and prevent provocative actions by rogue elements within society who may wish to exploit recent events to further their agendas.

Finally, we call on political, religious and community leaders to play their critical roles during this important juncture; and to take advantage of the overwhelming sentiments of shock and sympathy felt across Britain today to address some of the root-causes of these problems.

23rd May 2013
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)

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  1. Earl James Moorhead

    A compassionate and thoughtful response by AIM.

  2. Those kill the innocent in the name of Islam are not muslims. May the curse of Allah be upon them.

  3. It is very unfortunate that the main stream Muslim ummah has fallen into this taksiri/salafist/wahabi idealogy.They must disassociate themselves and inspite of theological differences join hands with Ahlulbayt and work together to strengthen the muslim Ummah.Same GOD,same book,same Prophet and his family.

  4. Why bring the ideology argument into this AGAIN! do you really think it is the right time to have another ideological finger pointing?? Igniting the situation even more?

    Next time if you really want to produce a more productive article, I suggest you focus on the Muslim Ummah cause as a whole. We should disassociate ourselves from criminal acts such as these. And no…I am not a Salafi… Just a simple Muslim I don’t believing categorising myself in any particular ideology, as non of them existed in the first place at the time of the prophet (SAW).

    I just find it rather foolish to go into another ideological debate at this moment in time!!… these criminals do NOT represent the teachings of ANY Islamic ideology, similarly with the heart eating incident… a criminal act full stop!!!

  5. We as British citizens have a clear sense of duty and engage fully with the media outlets to expose these Tagfiris and their hell bent hatred for life of the innocents. Muslim organisations should hold a peaceful protest with other faith groups to shoe our unity.

  6. @Muslimah – One of the greatest weakness of the human species is in the lack of ‘introspection’.

    We can put our heads in the sand and pretend that there is nothing wrong but the reality paints a different picture.

    With all due respect, there is a problem and its not only criminality as you would like to believe. People are being killed by the dozens almost on a daily basis in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq….should we assume that all that is propelled by just pure ‘criminality’…No…
    An objective mind would ponder. Please have a look at how public platforms like Youtube for example are filled with so called pseudo ‘Ulema’ delivering hate speech…trying to mobilise their audience to ‘kill’ fellow Muslims.

    Whether we like it or not…there is a problem..and it will only be solved through an honest acknowledgement and sincere motivations.

    That is my humble view.

  7. Islam is against killing of any innocent soul regardless of religion his belief his colour creed or background. Those who do these crimes are not Muslims but criminals and sick minded who are brainwashed by their extremist leaders.Visram

  8. @Hasan – killing innocent people in cold blood is criminal – FULL STOP.. Islam does not support such acts of criminality, regardless of which aqeedah you follow.. unfortunately like the person who committed the Woolich murder does not represent ISLAM as I am sure you agree.. The people who upload hate speech on youtube do not represent ALL Muslim views…

    It’s a simple formula really:

    Criminal acts + fingerpointing = igniting situation….Specially among those who might be following the same aqeedah but disagree with the perpetrators. By finger pointing you are telling them you all fall in the same category, in which case you will be creating an environment of more hate and resentment, its that simple..

    We’ve had our heads ‘above sand’ fighting each other long enough now with enough finger-pointing and blaming going round to last us another couple of decades, exactly where has this got us!?? No where..

  9. Let us not fall into the trap of blaming any ideology for this. Let us not confuse goals with methods.
    It is not the ideas of Salafism that lead to this anymore than it is the ideas of Animal Rights activists which lead some individuals to terrorise animal testing centres

  10. Sorry, I must make this point explicitly..

    In fact what is being called for is for everyone to ‘Shoulder Responsibility’ in their gatherings/centres and even Masajid.

    The people doing this are doing so in the name of Islam, wrongly. If the Muslims themselves do not take necessary initiatives and practical steps to get to the root of this evil, confused extremism, then who do we expect to solve this for us..the Budhists or something..??

    Its time to accept the reality. Wahabism/Salafism as an ideology is Extremist, Exclusionary, Aggressive, Militant etc etc…and every day the common Muslim is falling prey to this heretic ideology that is far from the Teachings of Islam and Holy Prophet (SAW).

    Is it just a coincidence that in 99 per cent of such cases, the following equation holds:

    Most Wahabis are not Terrorists, but most Terrorists are Wahabis….

    Just as I am writing this comment, I have just stumbled upon yet another piece of news…a devastating blow to Islam and Muslim Heritage in general, that the FSA/Nusra Front have just bulldozed the ‘Maqaam’ of Nabi Ibrahim (AS) in Raqqa (Syria)….this after desecrating the grave of a companion of the Prophet a few weeks earlier.

    Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the destruction continues…Islamic Heritage is being replaced with Sky Scrapers….the Houses of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and his Family being replaced with ‘Modern Hotels and Towers’….and you want us all to believe that this is just pure ‘Criminality’…


  11. To the post above…. I know lots of wahabis who are extremely disgusted by the destruction of Islamic sites from our great Islamic history! And lunatic Sheikhs who call for the killings of our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam.

    Let’s make a point clear here…our so called ‘Leaders and Rulers’ NEVER represent the peoples voice and needs.. just because they follow a particular ideology does not mean they interpret or practice it as they should!!!! Do you really think they held a public vote on what people wanted or thought before they began the destruction of Islamic sites in Saudi Arabia or Syria?? Don’t make me laugh!

    I speak on behalf of the voiceless people who are being prosecuted from all angles:

    * Labelled as terrorist from some non-Muslims
    * Labelled as extremist ‘wahiabis or Salafis’ from other sects..
    * Oppressed by their own leaders who do not represent ISLAM let alone any ideology…

    For people to so easily and without much acknowledgement of possible consequences label an entire ideology as extreme, terrorist or wrong, a view derived from the actions of our so called ‘leaders’, by generalising the actions of extremist individual as the stamp of approval from an entire group…for people to hear the news then automatically prosecute all those who fall in a particular school of thought.. Well then you are no different than a non Muslim who labels ALL Muslims as terrorists..

    VERY VERY sad!!

    Now moving forward I am with you we need to do something and solve our own problems, we can only achieve this once we find our common grounds and stop the obvious divide which is forming amongst the Muslim Ummah ..Muslims will never agree on ONE ‘Islamic ideology’ that is a reality we all need to come to terms with.. the only solution is for us to come together as ‘ONE UMMAH’ more importantly and unite as Allah (swt) has commanded us. Call for the voice of reason and disassociate ourselves from evil acts… and more importantly aim to be a lot more proactive then reactive.

  12. MUSLIMS ; victims of terrorism!

  13. Poor Drummer Rigby was another creating shock and awe collateral statistics collected for control by the powers that be which gave rise to the buddies of Israel, the Saud dynasty and the Wahabbiyya

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