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Ayatollah Sistani: Things that make a fast void

Things which make a Fast void There are nine acts which invalidate fast: Eating and drinking Sexual intercourse Masturbation (Istimna) which means self abuse, resulting in ejaculation Ascribing false things to Almighty Allah, or his Prophet or to the successors of the Holy Prophet Swallowing thick dust Immersing one’s complete …

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Ayatollah Sistani: What is Makrooh whilst fasting?

Certain things are Makrooh for a person observing fast, some of them are mentioned below: Using eye-drops and applying Surma if its taste or smell reaches the throat. Performing an act, which causes weakness, like blood-letting (extracting the blood from the body) or going for hot bath. Inhaling a snuff …

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Q&A: The fast of a traveller

In the month of Ramadan, one should not keep fast during any travel in which one’s duty is to offer qasr prayer and should keep fast during travels in which one should offer full (four-rak`ah) prayers, like when they intend to stay at a place for 10 days or if …

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Nine acts that invalidate the fast

Nine acts invalidate the fast according to Ayatollah Khamenei   Eating and drinking Sexual intercourse To masturbate; To attribute to Allah, the Holy Prophet SAW, or infallible Imams a thing which is not true; To let thick dust to reach the throat; To immerse the whole head under the water; …

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Q&A: Ways to Establish the New Lunar Month

Are the beginning and end of Ramadan determined through sighting the crescent or by means of the calendar, even if Sha‘bān was not thirty days?   A: Deciding the beginning of any lunar month is possible through one of the following methods: sighting the new moon by the mukallaf himself; …

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Can a Sayyida marry a non Sayyid?

Often it is the case that cultural tendencies take a precedent over Islamic jurisprudential and social norms. An example of this is the cultural practice of not marrying a Sayyida woman to anyone but another Sayyid man. This practice is usually witnessed more frequently in the Indo-Pakistani community. Although the …

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